Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lead And Gold: Haven't I seen this before?

Just received an email about "Lead And Gold" by Paradox Interactive. It looks pretty neat but...isn't there something familiar here?

I've not got sound on but I'm guessing it's a team based shooter with...a western theme...

So definitely not a well know team based shooter with that sort of scenery set in more modern times.

And those silhouettes...they look...hmmm...

Well let's call it a coincidence and not even mention the other game for now. I'm probably being very unfair...probably...

Otherwise it looks pretty good and something I'd be interested in playing! Some of the action snippets looked impressive and the different game modes look like fun (even if it is a bit dim in the video at those points.)

For it to be successful will probably depend on the price. In my case for example, the only reason I've bought previous team based shooter games is if they're included in a pack with other single player games. So unless this matches price with other big team based shooters I reckon it'll have a hard time (this goes for the other big team shooter games that are due to be released soon.)

That is, unless there's a strong single player element too? Or a bunch of co-op based missions?

I'm not sure about the number of playable characters either. Four seems a bit of a small amount these days. Then again Counter Strike is still popular!

So something to watch with interest for now.

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