Monday, 18 January 2010

Music Makes The Game: The Spirit Engine 2

I didn't have a Best Music Category" in my 2009 game "awards" but if I had done I think The Spirit Engine 2 would probably have had to win that as well as the best rpg of the year.

I can't remember if I mentioned before that Josh Whelchel, the composer for TSE2, is an old aquantance from my old music making games on (the world was a simpler place back then...) so I'm glad to see he's done well and been involved in a project like this. In fact you can get a shed load of his musical offerings for free from his traxinspace (ah, TiS) page here:

The following piece of music however is a good representation of the music from TSE2. The arpeggio harp is quite reminiscant of the Final Fantasy Theme. Soon it turns into one of those tunes that you sometimes come across in RPGs that concrete your belief that you're part of the good guys team and that whatever evil stands in your way had better watch out!

Of course that could just be me, it's very good though so have a listen...

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