Saturday, 30 January 2010

My time with: Blimp Wars!

Blimp Wars Online is a free to play browser game from the creators of the mad professor mmorpg Golomizer.

So I thought I'd have a quick go - actually I had a quick go on my laptop a while ago and had chalked the bad performance of the game down to the speed of that. I tried again on my gaming machine just now and...well it's not good news.

It's not that it looks particularaly bad, or that the idea is bad. In fact I quite like the idea! Online RTS with airships? It's a good idea!

Unfortunately the execution is what lets it down here. I'm almost sure it's because of my connection speed or because I'm using Internet Explorer or whatever the issue might be here. But any game that is slow to respond to commands is going to be frustrating to anyone.

When I'm desperately trying to look past the slow gameplay issues it doesn't seem like a half bad game. And I'm guessing it's mostly down to the speed of the database that end because it's on a shared server or something. I'm also hoping that for anyone nearer the server it will perform better. I've not even dared to play against other people yet!

Other critisisms I would have revolve around there being no sound and there being a strange offset when clicking where to move to (eg, the X to signify your next position is never quite where you've clicked)

I think it would be great if the obviously prolific author of the game would look into something like the free Unity3D engine with it's marvellous web browser plugin stuff as they would create something that probably ran a lot smoother because of it....providing it's just not me that is!

Anyway, it's definitely worth checking out if you're bored of the norm!

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