Thursday, 14 January 2010

My Time With: Crayon Physics

I remember playing the beta of this ages and ages and ages ago - or at least it seems like a long time ago.

It was the first physics based puzzle game I came across so it's forever implanted in my mind as the title that kicked off the sub genre. Many hundreds of physics based puzzle games were then spawned by this rejuvination of the puzzle game outside of the casual gaming space.

But forget all that! If you've not played it before then all you need to know is that it's flippin awesome. You draw shapes on the screen which then become solid interactable objects in the game. Drawing them in the right place is very important as you must get the ball to collect each star in the level. As you can see from the screenshot it gets quite tricky later on!

Aside from the clever thinking side, the other great thing about the game is it's atmosphere. The look of the thing and the music actually rekindles memories of drawing when I was a kid, which puts one simple thought into my head:

I've never been able to draw!

Anyway, if you've not picked this up yet in the amazing pay what you want(!) sale you're seriously missing out. Today is the last day (15th jan 2010) so make sure you don't miss out!


  1. How well does it work with a mouse? Or do you need a touch-sensitive screen?

  2. Mouse works fine, it's a bit harder to draw nice straight lines but I've been able to do the "elegant" and "Old school" versions of the levels so far with the mouse.

    (You get extra stars for being clever, or for at least appearing clever!)

  3. Sigh. Well, I tried it. I got garbled graphics then it crashed in a big .net exception heap. I probably don't have DirectX blah.blah or something. PCs eh?