Thursday, 21 January 2010

Shocked? Bioshock 2 and a great Steam Deal!

I haven't been too worried about the upcoming release of Bioshock 2. The first game was certainly good and had a fantastic twist to it, but like anything that has a fantastic twist it's not something I've found much re-playability in. And this surprises me, from a game that has it's origins in the Systemshock series.

The problem is that you can go through the whole of Bioshock pretty much just using that wrench and the lightning power. The gameplay trailer to the sequel makes me think that's pretty much the same:

I think my major issue is that with all the talk of these games being fairly open to character development we still don't have the kind of choices that we had back in System Shock 2 where you could choose (essentially) brains, brawn or "magic" as your main specilisation. This gave a fair bit of replayability the next time you played the game. It's something that was missing from Bioshock as the powers are basically forced on you.

Saying that the Steam 4-pack deal is looking quite tempting. £20 for this might be acceptable? Perhaps I should be less worried about comparisons to old games (old classics more like) and take it for what it is? Well, if I do get it you can, as always, expect a very honest review!

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