Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What I put up with being a PC gamer

I've just received the following as an email , as yet another of a long line of "You play games on a PC!" digs from my good friend and partner in crime over at :

You'll have to click on it for the larger version,  but you can probably already tell its a version comparison and that the PC has been likened to a text adventure game.

Yes. Very amusing.

Actually I'm not too bothered else I probably wouldn't have mentioned it. The point is, with the right hardware the PC can easily look as good if not better than it's console counterparts. This will always be true to some degree, but yet the PC still gets bashed for being the jack-of-all-trades of the computer world.

Macs look down on it for being a home based entertainment and communication machine, not to mention being virus ridden and supposedly worse at graphics and sound manipulation. Consoles look down on it for being a lesser gaming machine.

However none of this is well deserved!

The PC has far more software available for it than the Mac, most of it free too. for example, and renoise (although that's for both pc and mac)

Going back to gaming I am eagerly waiting for a decent FPS where I can play against Console users. Usually the response to this is "That's not fair because you can 'twitch-aim' on a PC" and I can't help but think such replies speak volumes to which is the better gaming machine. That is until they finally decide to give me a mouse and keyboard for my xbox. The closest contender in terms of devices is obviously the Wii, but there are still serious issues with that waggle stick thing they call a controller, even with the new add on. Natal might prove to be good, but I doubt it will work very well for fps games.

And everyone says the big advantage to consoles is "You don't have to keep upgrading and worrying about if your hardware will run the game or drivers" etc.. And while this is kind of true, there will always be a next gen of consoles and the games are more expensive than their PC equivilent. So I reckon it probably works out the same eventually.

My point is obvious, the PC has far more games, better hardware (at least for us serious gamers) and there are more PC's out there than any one type of console. Not that I'm being childish about it or anything but...

We win! Neh Neh!


  1. Yeah, well, at least we can spell equivalent ...

  2. I spell it the right way...ok no I dont!

    Agh, I wish they'd get the spell checker put into the new editor on blogger!