Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Grab onto a gripping (grappling) deal - Every tenth copy of Grappling Hook free!

In a rarely seen move (or at least I've not seen it happen very often) speedrungames are offering their puzzle action game Grappling Hook free for every tenth customer!

Grappling Hook put me very much in mind of Portal when I reviewed it a few months ago. Strangely enough it uses a similar game mechanic to the alien grapple arm from Opposing Force, the HalfLife add on by Gearbox software. Basically you can grapple onto any green surface but keep in mind that momentum and friction are both very important!

It's good fun, and there's not another game like it out there right now. There's a free demo available as usual so check it out! Remember, every 10th copy is free and also comes with a 50% off voucher for a friend.

Visit the SpeedRunGames site here!

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