Friday, 5 February 2010

My Time With: The AVP Multiplayer Demo

Hmmm, that was an unpleasant experience.

Firstly I didn't seem to have any control over who I played as during matches, so I was stuck with the least favourite of the 3 - the predator.

Then I realised, after frantic pressing of the 1 to 4 number keys that my lovely pred weapons had to be *found* around the map. A map full of people who'd appeared to have played all day from how quick I died when I spawned.

My only saving grace was the cloak, which some alien players seemed to just ignore somehow. And cloak is a bit pointless if your footsteps sound like someone hitting a gong with a hammer. I had to stand stock still to have any hope of stealth.

When I did pick up a weapon it became a bit more fun, once I'd realised how to fire the thing anyway. The shoulder cannon wotsit was fun but it wasn't exactly outstanding. Comparing this to what I've just been playing the last week (ME2) there really isn't much attracting me to this...

And I sort of came to a conclusion whilst playing the demo: because I'd only want the game for the Marine campaign I'd be paying for a third of a game. And unless one gets thrown my way I doubt I'll be playing any more of it. On reflection I think a multiplayer demo wasn't the best example for someone like me who prefers story and characters and stuff like that. This video certainly makes it look better than it felt in game.

So, if you're a die-hard fan you can get this dirt cheap for a new game over at Amazon or - unless you'd rather pay an extra £6 for it on steam?

And can we please, please, please remove that horrible Blur-Turning effect that game devs seem to think is so cool these days? It really isn't...

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