Thursday, 18 February 2010

My Time With: Dead Frontier

No matter how many zombies we kill, they just keep coming back. The baseball bat and chainsaw market must be thriving off all this.

Dead Frontier then is a zombie shooter MMO, set in the top down persepctive and you run around in gaultnet style shooting anything that looks like a zombie. Obviously as it's an MMO you can get to do this as part of a team too, and it's all browser based which means no long downloads or huge waits for this - a huge plus!

It kind of reminded me of a lower res version of Zombie Shooter, but having other real people there really is a good thing (for a change.) The best thing of all though is that this is completely free to play!

But you can exchange real life cash for in-game cast and pay for added benefits to boost your armour and weapons and so on. This is usually the point where I turn a game off - monthly subscriptions just don't fit into how I play games and micro transactions are not my friend.

On the other hand, this is an independent title from a UK based chap, so I felt like I needed to plow on (without paying of course) and see what the gameplay had to offer. Running around and shooting zombies is fun enough, most of the undead were tricky enough to kill off and I did come across a really mean green zombie who just wouldn't go down! The city had a map and missions to perform to get more cash, items and experience points. RPG elements are all there, such as strength, accuracy and such implemented in a fairly bog standard way - not that it's bad, just nothing new.

Completing some of the missions was actually quite thrilling, when the music gets more upbeat you know somethings up and when you're on your way back to the outpost but are already injured it becomes a far more intense experience!

Here's a tip if you start playing: Choose your weapon (type) of choice early on so you can build your proficiency up with it quickly. Many of the better weapons require quite high skill levels in that type to be able to use so if you want to use mainly shotguns, build that up early from the start!

Playing with actual people was completely nuts! Rather than the usual one or two zombies at a time (near the beginning of the city where it's usually quiet) a hoard approached me and the group and it was real fight-for-your-life stuff. I didn't stay in that for long because it made it tricky to complete any of my missions, but it was good for experience building! The other thing that's quite strange, and since I don't play many MMOs this probably isn't strange for everyone, was how quickly my stuff sold at the local market. I'd always try to very slightly undercut the competition and in most cases it was snapped up within minutes!

The outpost also has other facilities available such as a bank so you can keep your cash safe while exploring the city (dying out in the field causes you to loose a percentage of the money you have on you) and a storage area with 5 slots (you can buy more later) as well as a few other things.

What's really surprised me is how much this has dragged me in so far. It's wonderfully simple and complex as well. The multiplayer side wasn't as good as I'd hoped, there didn't seem to be any group-based missions to pull everyone together. But personally I've enjoyed this more than L4D!

Wow, that's almost a review length post on this game - I didn't write a review because this is still in beta and will aparantely be upgraded to full 3D soon!

Oh, and if you visit and sign up via this link I'll get some lovely in-game cash to play with! Or you can be mean and go through this link instead.

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