Sunday, 21 February 2010

New Guide! Bob Came In Pieces Walkthrough!

It's finally done, the Bob Came In Pieces walkthrough guide, showing you the complete solution plus the location of all of the ship modules that are littered throughout the game.

I enjoyed reviewing this at the time, it's certainly something a bit different to the norm. Some of the puzzles are great and they get even more interesting near the end of the game! As you may already know :)

So if you've played it and ever thought: where was that last ship part on level 9, then why not have a read and find out!

Click here to read the Bob Came In Pieces walkthrough!

This has taken me many hours of work, so I hope people find it useful!

Also, I've now got a separate section on the site to keep track of all the game guides I write. You can take a look here!

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