Sunday, 14 February 2010

Site Move Happening Tomorrow!

Yes the site is moving tomorrow to a new server.

I've found SBI (the service I'm currently using) to be really great, it's taught me a shed load of stuff about how to make websites but it's a bit like wearing stabalisers or someone holding your saddle as you're riding. Soon you just want to go faster!

There are plenty of additions to the site I really want to add, such as searchable review listings, independent advertising schemes (so that I'm showing you ads about stuff that really matters for a change) and comments on review pages - something that has been seriously missing.

The contact form will be down for a short while but I'll get it back up as soon as possible so everyone can keep telling me their gaming news.

So if the site dissapears tomorrow for a few hours you know why. When it comes back it will look a bit scrappy for a while (certain things need re-writing in the code) but before the end of next week all will be well again - if not better!

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