Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tribes Of Mexica - Puzzle Adventure game in development

One of the reasons I love independent gaming so much is you get to see new concepts tested out. Puzzle RPGs are a result of this experiementation, giving us games such as Puzzle Quest.

Incubator Games are currently working on their latest title: Tribes Of Mexica which makes use of the match-3 mechanic but in circular arena rather than a grid. The idea still appears to be getting 3 in a row by rotating one of the circles of shapes (or in this case tribes-people) and when this happens you'll attack the enemy.

Here's a video of what they've got so far:

So far I'm liking the look of it. It seems like something I'd want to play - for how long depends on what the story is like or at least what drives the role playing elements.

Will tribes people get experience? Will you be able to pick spells from a list (ala Puzzle Quest)? Will it be a branching story, or is it tailored for the more casual audience?

I guess only time will tell, and when it does it will probably be on Incubator Games' Tribes Of Mexica website.

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