Saturday, 27 February 2010

Weekendly Deals - 27th Feb 2010

Spotted a few good deals this weekend so thought I should share:

Firstly and the best offer I've spotted so far is Majesty 2, the kingdom simulation game which I reviewed a few months ago. Gamersgate are currently selling this for a wonderfully cheap price of £6.23 (which is probably about $10 or so.) If you've not picked this up yet that's a bargain for such a great game. Click here to take a look

Next Impulse are running an offer on Project Aftermath the indepedently made Arcade RPG-RTS game. I've only played the demo of this myself but was quite impressed at the time. If I remember correctly it's mostly about outfitting your hero and squad with the right weapons to deal with the enemies that are currently attacking. Anyway, you can check this out here (or if you're feeling super nice, by getting the impulse client from here first)

Finally Direct2Drive have a Strategy Game Sale on which also includes Majesty2 (but for 30 pence more the brigands!) as well as Tropico 3, Hearts Of Iron 2 & 3, CitiesXL (isnt't that a simulation game rather than strategy?), and Supreme Commander for under a fiver! Check it out here

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