Monday, 15 February 2010

What's this? Gaming prevents violence?

In an unusual twist, the news staff at Yahoo news have posted the following story headlined Xbox thwarts high school shooting [X360]".

How controversial.

However as the story unfolds it appears that it's only because the lad in question was making remarks about some killing spree he was going to go on while on voice chat. Someone else who was playing called the police and the lad was arrested.

There's no mention of it they found any other kind of proof that this was really going to happen. Nor was there any specific quote of what he was saying over voice chat.

Anything where computer games and violence are linked, even in this way is always so sketchily reported on it can be quite frustrating. Of course I long ago made my feelings clear on these matters.

Personally If I was locked up everytime I made horrible threats online about people I worked with I'd be in jail...Zero percent of the time, they're all upstanding fellows who I wouldn't say a bad word about! However they'd have to be very strong remarks from someone else for me to take them seriously.

Personally with a headline saying that "xbox thrawts highschool shooting" I would have hoped for a more comical story where the gunman tripped over a stray console in the street and injured himself in the process. It should also be in the style of Steve Carell in Get Smart. Of course these incidents are certainly nothing to laugh about...

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