Sunday, 21 March 2010

Back In Business, Currently playing Borderlands DLC!

HDD troubles sorted - new one in and Windows installed so I feel better now.

So I thought I'd take my frustration out on some zombies, and luckily I'd not yet played through the first Borderlands DLC: The zombie Island Of Dr Zed (or is that Ned?)

I bought this at christmas when the sales were on (yippie!) So I don't feel too bad in saying I'm glad that I did! Because I don't feel it's worth the full £7 that it costs now. Don't get me wrong, shooting zombies is fun and there are a great few moments.

For instance, the appearance of a jacob's corporation claptrap. I'm trying not to be too spoileriffic here, but he has a big gun. And there's a fun quest near the end that you can do where you track down other adventurers who have gone up against the zombie hoard (some surprise characters in there!

I have to admit that it had the desired effect, Borderlands has always been less stressful to play than most FPS titles. Mainly because nearly every character you talk to has this laid back "yeah, we're on an alien planet...sigh...oh lets fight!" attitude. Sometimes it feels like the dialogue is always the first-draft and no one really cares too much about what's said as long as the general thrust of the meaning is there.

Getting better guns though - that was certainly fun! As they say "if it took more than one shot, you weren't using a Jacobs!" And when you get the right jacobs gun that suddenly makes a lot of sense. Although on starting this add-on my best weapons had electric and bio elemental damage, which is pretty useless against zombies. I now have a load of fire based weapons that are good against zombies, but I'm guessing not so good against the enemies in the next DLC!

Generally then certainly helped remove the stress and heartache loosing a hard drive can bring, but I would have prefered it to have been slightly longer, or had a couple of additional side quests.

I'm waiting to play through the latest DLC (The secret armoury of General Knoxx) until my friends or someone says to me "Hey I'm level 41 and I've finished the main game!" So I can actually play with people I know rather than randomers that have open games out there. So if anyone is up for a bit of that let me know!


  1. Yeah, I thought it was a bit short myself. I still enjoyed it though, and liked the goofy don't give-a-damn feel of the story better than the core game's quasi-serious ways. I look forward to getting Underdome and Knoxx eventually.

  2. I'm not sure I'll bother with Underdome, I hadn't heard too much that was good about it. Knoxx looks better from reviews at least!