Sunday, 21 March 2010

Calling all writers!

Well not all writers, only those that have been thinking of writing a review of a game and wanted somewhere to put it!

I've decided to try yet another experiment and open the site up a bit for other budding reviewers. I've actually had a few requests from different people over the last few weeks asking if they could send me reviews. I wasn't keen at first but after some thought and examining my main goal which is:


Yes, it's wrtten in caps nearly everywhere in my room! Anyway, I'm not going to do this if I leave it just up to myself, I can't write 10 reviews a week (which is my goal for the site) At least they wouldn't be fair reviews (damn I love italics.)

So for anyone who is interested, or can think of someone who would be interested please take a look at the write for us page!

If I get some great regulars (which is the hope!) Their Foreheads will also be proudly presented on the top banner! What an honour!


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