Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Flame On! Not really a game, just something cool...

Someone sent me a link to this little flame online app thing the other day. It's not a game obviously but it's doesn't exactly strike me as a serious art app either!

As you can see from my lazy efforts on the right that you draw, as the name suggests, flamey type lines. The amplitude of the lines is directly associated with the speed you're dragging the mouse.

There's a load of configuration options from colour changing to noise and chaos! Pretty good fun for a few minutes, or more if you're into that sort of thing! Not being able to draw this didn't really do much for me aside from me cooing "ooh, pretty!"

Click here to have a go!


  1. I like The Great White Destroyer ad. Awesome!

  2. Hello Carol, thanks for posting!

    Brett, the creator, is obviously an awesome artist. I was really glad when he sent his ad in - really brightens the place up!