Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Galactically Confused? Galcon Fusion!

Here's a fun little game that snuck onto steam while I wasn't looking!

In each level there are a number of planets about and you and your opponent both own one each. Each of your planets has a number of Space Ships which you can send to conquer other planets. Every planet requires a different number of ships to be conquered but once you own one it starts producing more ships for you.

So really it's a bit of a race to see who can own more planets the quickest and conquer all of the opposing players' planets. It's the kind of game that can make you feel smug and clever at how good you are at it...until you turn the difficulty up to max and realise you're rubbish!

Unfortunately the demo probably doesn't show off that much of the full game. It doesn't appear to have any kind of story and is based very much on numbers which might put some people off. However you can play multiplayer in the full version which is probably the main attraction for anyone who does buy it. There are other game modes that look interesting, such as "Stealth" and at £7/$10 it's not the most expensive game out there.

On the other hand...Hmmm, listen to that demostyle soundtrack...lovely.

You can pick up the demo from the Galcon Fusion Homepage!

Here's the trailer too...

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