Saturday, 27 March 2010

Music Makes The Game: Mass Effect 2

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts! And I thought I'd talk about something a bit more recent than a game that lives down memory lane and since Mass Effect 2 has been in my playlist for about a week now it seems only right that this is todays topic.

There's plenty to like about Mass Effect 2 for me, it's the first sci-fi game that gave me the same feeling that a series like Babylon 5 and Firefly gave me. The creators very cleverly worked out that the reason for the success of a game like this is the relationships within the team you control. Their gains and losses, successes and failures...they all matter and should effect what happens later. A huge amount of work must have gone into making sure it all flowed correctly and it really paid off in my opinion!

And of course this was helped in no small way by the soundtrack with it's great mix of synthesizer and orchestral instruments. But at the same time because it's associated with a team that you've worked hard to build and keep happy, when you hear the heroic themes near the end of the game it means so much more.

Here's one of my favourite tracks, I especially like the beginning synthy parts and the way it builds into a full orchestral crescendo.

Next this theme was written for the "illusive man", a character voiced by Martin Sheen. A little bit lighter than the previous tune but I like the atmosphere it creates, leaving you a bit unsure about how you should be feeling. Which is exactly how talking to this character felt!

Well I could easily list the whole soundtrack here as I like pretty much the whole flippin thing. But you probably got that by now!

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