Saturday, 13 March 2010

My Time With: Altitude!

Normally I'm just not into flight games, but as this was side on and had a cartoonish style I decided to give it a go. The fact that it was on offer on steam had nothing to do with it!
So after a few false starts (it asks you to register and the like) it starts you off on some training exercises to get used to flying and such. It literally has you flying through hoops! In fact the tutorial is quite nice and doesn't get bogged down, which would probably be quite hard to do with a game like this. After a few training exercises it hit me that this is a multiplayer game rather than a solo experience!

I was a little disapointed, I had a load of ideas for what the missions might have been like. Such as chases through tough terrain or death defying nose dives before dropping bombs. In this style it would have been really good! But I persisted nonetheless.

After completing all of the training missions I dipped my toe into the cool waters of the internet and started playing against real people, which is always worrying. So far I'd enjoyed the training but still got the firing buttons mixed up! But luckily I found that many people were far worse than me! And although I was rarely the best in any game I was often in the honourable mentions (usually given the longest-kill-streak award because I button mash the fire key!)

Even better than that I realised that I could customize my plane with different perks depending on what I'd achieved in the past. This included different unlockable weapon perks such as double fire, or secondary weapon upgrades and even engine upgrades where you can increase the power generated (power is required for shooting and afterburner.) This led to a whole new world of fun!

I also discovered you can play skirmishes offline  with variable bot difficulty which is great for practicing. It's especially useful when you've unlocked a new plane type and need to learn how and when to use it.

I'm really enjoying Altitude and if it had a single player campaign then I would probably have given it a whole 2 page review. As it is I don't want to judge it based on my own online experiences as that's unfair if you guys (who might have decided to buy it) didn't have as much fun as I did! All I will say is that it's great fun, especially the team matches.

You can get altitude from their site where there's a free demo!

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