Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My Time With: Rise Of Prussia

It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes I come across games I just can't review. I'll usually do my very best to persevere and write loads about something I'm given but in the case of Rise of Prussia I just couldn't get into it.

I'm not the biggest strategy fan as it is, but this pushed me far beyond my comfort zone. The world of micromanaging armies in their different brigades and companies is not one that I visit much. It's something I had no interest in to start with and now will use it as a benchmark to avoid certain titles!

Let me say though, Rise of Prussia is quite obviously a well thought out and nicely presented game! I was really quite keen to have a go when I first saw it advertised. The clean but artistic tactical map looks great but once I learnt about the different stacks and terrains and stuff it started to scare me.

I really liked the fact that classical (Baroque possibly) music is used throughout although there were a few times when it stopped and then started again quite some time later with no apparent trigger.

As I touched on before, the big issue for me was the army management. It was far too detailed for a casual-strategy player like myself. I'm far more of a "If this army is bigger than that army then it will win." kind of strategist. Making sure that there are enough command points for a group and putting specific generals in charge due to their seniority, then organising troops into specific groups and then dealing with supplies is just too much for me to care about.

Some of you out there, who are more the brainy strategist-types than myself probably already own this, or are now thinking of owning it in the future. Well, if you are and feel like telling me exactly what it's like, why not think about writing a review?

If I had hours to learn how to play these kind of games and had the kind of brain that can cope with multiple events happening at once I would probably enjoy Rise Of Prussia. Unfortunately it's on a scale my consciousness can't cope with so, in the words of those lovely people on Dragons Den, I'm out.

You can get Rise Of Prussia from GamersGate

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