Monday, 1 March 2010

My Time With: Supreme Commander 2 demo

Supreme Commander Two is on the horizon and there's a demo now available on steam! Woo hoo! So while everyone else has been concentrating on StarCraft 2 (agh, the same initials - how confusing!)

Some of you will know that this is the latest in a now long line of RTS games from Chris Taylor, a series which has it's roots in a game called Total Anhiliation. I was a huge fan of TA back in the day. It was (if memory serves me correctly) the first 3D RTS game ever and had the most memorable music from Jeremy Soule.

So I had high hopes for the first Supreme Commander game. Unfortunately it didn't have the character that Total Anhiliation did and it's been sat in my impulse games list, uninstalled, ever since.

But not being one to write off a series because of a bad episode I decided to try this new demo out. I quite enjoyed it. The locations were a bit more interesting and the new publisher (Square Enix) appears to have made an impact, with there being quite a "camp" bad guy in the first demo mission. Building addons are quite nifty (I can't remember these being in SC1) where you can add shields and defenses to your structures.

I've always been a fan of researching upgrades to your units to get the advantage on your enemy and SC2 has a tree system implementing this, which is nice compared to the traditional "upgrade via buildings" method. In some ways it reminds me of the "Command And Conquer Generals" upgrade route.The tutorial covers this process nicely and was one of least annoying tutorials I've come across in a while.

Talking of the tutorial it often mentions the corporation involved in supplying the tech to your army with the slogan "Making Tomorrow Better, Today" or something. There's obviously something there relating to the story which could be fun depending on how it's handled. The other characters you encounter are very star-crafty and appear to be telling the story of a military overthrow of the government, your character getting thrown out of the military and then having to fight back as they come after you.

I don't think there's any amazing revelations here that make this the next big thing in RTS games however it does seem to be a decent offering for all you strategy fans out there. I wish they'd got Jeremy Soule to do the music though...

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  1. In my opinion Starcraft 2 will dominate the RTS scene once again.