Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Oh Flock, it's Wednesday! Time for some mid-week deals!

Mid weekly deals?

Crazy idea I say but why not take advantage of this madness hm?

Direct2Drive are currently offering the Herd-Em-Up game Flock (published by Capcom no less) for only £3/$5 (I'm guessing at the american currency conversion.) While I've not played this I'm extremely tempted by this offer!

Steam are having a Square-Enix week thing where they have a Battlestations and Order Of War Bundle going on. Personally this doesn't appeal much to me but I'm sure plenty of you out there are into these WW2 type games!

It also annoys me a bit how Steam are still saying they have Bioshock 2 on offer (if you check their "all specials" section) at £27 when you can get it from Amazon for £22 (inc postage!)

Anyway, aside from this the first online pre-order of M.U.D. TV is at GamersGate where it's currently on offer at £25. Still not sure about this game yet, need to think about it.

GOG are now selling Aquanox! That's a blast from the past, and it's good to see it on there. It's being sold for $5.99, but I feel it's my duty to say a) It's a fairly short game and b) My old boss picked this up for £1 in Kidderminster once...

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