Thursday, 18 March 2010

Oh Noez! Hard Drive Failure!

Oh dear, it was bound to happen soon enough. My poor C drive has been slipping for a few weeks now and today I had two blue screens of death! Luckily everything important is stored on other drives (such as the site stuff!) and I was even able to backup some less important documents so I feel lucky this time! There's nothing quite as painful as listening to a hdd crunch in a bad way though. It sounds like a small elf is attacking the drive with a small, but heavy, hammer and chisel.

Never mind, a new one is on the way! But this does mean my capacity to review games is severely limited this week. Therefore I'll try to think of something entertaining to write about instead.


  1. Uugh, this crap happens to me once every two years on average. A series of emotions are had, extreme outrage, then anger(much cursing), then dread(when did I last backup?), then annoyance(setting everything up again), then acceptance(all done), then over caution(get some chickens to sacrifice to the PC gods). I wish you a speedy recovery sir.

  2. Thanks for the sentiment Brent! I'm currently in the acceptance phase - new hdd arriving tomorrow hopefully!

    I was thinking of reinstalling windows for a while anyway (been 2 years coincidently!) It's re-downloading everything that I'm not looking forward to (if I can't recover it from the current drive!)