Friday, 19 March 2010

The Perfect Game must have...

People who don't get into gaming much often seem to ask me what I think is the best game out there. As if there is a definitive top dog, something that every other developer aspires to.

Blimey, I find it easy to say Modern Warfare 2 at the moment because it's the highest grossing game ever made, if reports are to be believed! But of course this doesn't appeal to everyone, casual gamers for instance who are far happier with hidden object games and time management challenges (yum!)

But doesn't if feel lazy to say "Everyone prefers something different!" Shouldn't there be a whole list of titles that appeal to everyone?

Plants Vs Zombies comes to mind almost immediately as the one title that nearly everyone I know enjoys so perhaps there is a balance that can be achieved to please the most amount of people at once.

I started thinking about what my perfect game would be like, which even as a developer I'd never done before! According to my review listing the best game in the last 13 months has been Mass Effect 2, and that's because it appeals to my sci-fi nerdy brain areas. Whenever friends and I would go to rent a film and the inevitable "what shall we watch?" question came up I would always reply that I wanted to see something with Aliens and Guns in it. Saying that I really wasn't taken with the recent demo of Aliens Vs Predator!

So just what does it take to make a game that I would score 100 out of 100?
For starters it shouldn't be realistic, I far prefer games to have a sense of the amazing to them and anything made to model the real world rarely makes me look at something and go "ooooOOOOoo!" It's not that the graphics of these games are bad, they're just very good representations of boring things!

One of the reason I really enjoyed the Final fantasy games between 7 and 9 was the amazing out-of-this-world locations that they created. Even though they were alien there was always a sense that they could have existed somehow. The same goes for the fantastical Beyond Good And Evil, which took you on a journey to various unique but wonderful areas to explore.

So I guess for me the most important aspect of a game is the "journey", the progression of the game taking you to new locations with their own unique properties that drives the story forward. This is closely followed by interesting characters to explore these areas.

What's the most important part of a game for you?

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