Thursday, 4 March 2010

Totally Annihilated! TA now on Impulse!

Oh Total Annihilation I have such fond memories of thee!

Back in the late 90's when I had a 333mhz machine which is now slower than my gfx card! You came along and introduced me to RTS gaming in 3D! Not the 2D that had been bested by the boys at Blizzard, and not only that but a fantastically dark story based on human consiousness implanted into machines.

With your epic music by Jeremy Soule and innovative Commander based control method you showed us new wasy in which we could obliterate each other and for that we are truly greatful.

Here's a vid of the game in action:

So yeah, it's out now on Impulse! No mention of the add on "The Core Contingency" though, would have been nice to see that in there too.

Click here for the impulse page

Or if you're feeling super nice you could download the impulse client from here first!


  1. The impulse TA purchase includes Core Contingency.

    (Shown in the features section of the impulse store TA page)

  2. Ooh fantastic - I did have a good look for it at the time but didn't see it. Must be getting old...

    Thanks for letting me know!