Saturday, 6 March 2010

The web expands: Avernum VI

Spiderweb software is one of those independents that have been around forever - and when I say that I mean they were around when I was at High School. And that was far further back than I wish to remember.

Thing is, they do what they do really well and have a loyal fan base because of it. They've also released more games than any other independent developer I know of!

Anyway, they've recently released their latest title: Avernum VI - obviously is the 6th game in the Avernum series. Specifically they have this to say for themselves about it:

"Avernum 6 is the final game in the popular and long-running Avernum series. Explore a gigantic world, with a fascinating storyline, hundreds of quests, multitudes of side dungeons, and many hours of adventure. The game features clever enemies and dozens of interesting scripted encounters. Learn over 50 spells and battle disciplines. Hunt for hundreds of magical items or craft your own powerful artifacts."

In a nutshell it's an isometric RPG so if you're into those and haven't tried a Spiderweb game yet it's probably worth you trying this or perhaps the first in this series to get a taste. They have been doing this for a while after all and there are free demos to try.

I wonder if I can get a review copy...

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