Friday, 30 April 2010

Delays, delays...Airport games?

This time it's not be being lazy! I've had several trips out to different parts of the country and even a trip to Ireland recently that have just made it impossible to get any writing done!

But I'm hoping to get two - that's right TWO - reviews done this weekend as I've played and completed two games!

Besides that however I was waiting at Bristol Airport on Wednesday and watched from a good seat in the departures lounge as a flight was announced as ready-to-board. At this point a queue formed from people who mysteriously appeared from nowhere! But I was thinking, I wonder if there's a game out there that deals with Airport management that has a kind of theme-hospital look to it?

If not there should be one! If you know of anything like this give me a shout, otherwise I'll be having a look myself for something similar...

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