Sunday, 25 April 2010

Indie FPS time - Acrogorpon!

Recently I heard from ARH Games about their new impending release of Multiplayer FPS game Acrogorpon. It's a pretty fast paced affair and looks like it includes a fair bit of rocket-jumping or similar. Actually rather than me talk about it, why not check out the videos showing the game in action:

They've even done a video of their christmas themed level:

I hate saying negative things about games (ahem) but the graphics do look a little dated. On the other hand it looks like it's a very small team of people working on this... But I'd be terribly hypocritical if I judged a game just on this. I've not played it yet so if anyone else has had a go please feel free to comment!

Their site where you can download and try the game is here

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