Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Time With: Left4Dead 2

Okay I suppose my recent silence has as much to do with this as it does my *ahem* other projects so I guess I should spend some time talking about it - specifically if I think Left4Dead 2 is worth buying if Iyou've got the first game. At least thats the question I would have asked if I didn't already own both.

It was on special offer a couple of weeks ago so I bought it and I've managed to battle my way through the single player campaign.

To be honest, and this is sacreligous to a Valve fanboy such as myself, I'm really quite glad I didn't buy it for full price. It really was as if a load of extra stuff was added to the first game and it seriously reeks of being DLC dressed up as a full game. But I'm not going to just leave it like that, I'm going to justify those comments.

So lets start with the weapons. Yes there's a load more but some, such as the AK-47, feel like they've been plucked straight out of CounterStrike with added accuracy bolted on. It's pretty cool to have but it's something that should have been in the first game. Also there's no aparent advantage of using the AK-47 over the assault rifles that appear in the game. Now the shotguns feel far less fun than they did in the first game, I've not got the first installed right now to compare but I'm sure it's not as effective as it used to be.

Melee weapons! I hear that as the main reason to get L4D2 and while it's fun to whack zombies about the head with a guitar or cricket bat, never has the phrase "bringing a knife to a gun fight" been more apt. If you get swarmed you'll wish you had a rifle, or at least the twin hand guns instead.

I did enjoy a couple of the new features. The environmental effects were immense, especially the start of the first campaign and also during the "Heavy Rain" campaign. Aside from this I liked the new characters, they had a bit more about them than the original 4 and their whole sound and appearence spoke volumes about their past. There's a great bit near the beginning where they all introduce themselves which was kind of cool.

Anyway, I'm hoping that "The Passing" (the DLC that's coming up) makes it worth the while, but until then and we know if the Old Survivors Meet New Survivors parts are as awesome as they sound I'll still not be convinced it is worth the full price...

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