Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tidal Waves + Tetris = Tidalis?

Ok it's probably nothing like tetris...but everyone loves a good puzzle game right?...Right?

Well probably, I do at any rate so when I'm told there's a new concept floating around I have to go check it out. Unfortunately Tidalis is still in Beta and probably won't be out until June-ish this year. Fortunately it's looking pretty good and I really love the sounds when the cascade thingy goes through the blocks in this video:

It's by the same chaps who brought us the rts extraveganza that is AI Wars and the Zenith Remnant which is a bit of a change from this, no? Looks like they have several different projects on the go in fact including some RPG-ish thing maybe? Who knows, but they certainly look like they're worth keeping an eye on still!

For more info about Tidalis, check out their site!

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