Friday, 7 May 2010

The Future of the

I've been running the site for well over a year now, and generally it's been a very positive experience. There are over 70 reviews on the site and a handful of useful game guides which have turned out to be the most popular pages here! This has led to a fair visitor count and hopefully I've helped developers along the road.

However I'm incredibly ambitious and a fair visitor count just isn't good enough for me! So I've been thinking of other ways that I can fill a niche in pc gaming.

I really like what a fellow developer has done with, as I used to spend quite a bit of time on Yahoo Answers helping people out with their game questions. So perhaps starting something like that would be good fun as well as being helpful.

The other option is starting a forum - which can be really good or bad depending on how many people sign up and start posting. Obviously a dead forum would be super depressing and probably lead to the end of the site while a hugely popular forum would be great but a lot of work.

Finally I could, if necessary, completely change the style and philosophy of the site to make it far more community orientated. There's quite a few sites like this knocking around these days and they seem to do quite well. I've already made appeals for people to help, but perhaps the lack of tools on the site itself to do this puts people off? A relaunch would be something positive I could shout from the rooftops about and would hopefully get more people interested in contributing and returning on a more regular basis.

While I ponder these ideas, I wonder if anyone else has any views?

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