Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I'm Defending Basingstoke! Revenge Of The Titans

And while the opportunity to let it burn was great, I felt I should at least play along.

What am I talking about? Why the demo of the upcoming "Revenge of the Titans" from Puppy Games, which isn't as Greek as it sounds. The Titans are infact an alien race of pixelated monsters that are invading the Earth, and the moon and possibly the whole solar system.

Only the demo is available right now, but by golly that's a lot of fun to play. It's almost classic tower defense in it's game-play but although you see where the enemies spawn from on the map it's not always clear in which direction they will travel. Resources, in the form of good old cash, is earned by killing enemies as well as building harvesting machines near crystal resource which you then have to click on when they've harvested enough and ran out of storage space.

Other twists to the genre are...well the guns run out of ammo and need to be restocked by clicking on them which takes time. They can also be destroyed by enemies which often doesn't happen in tower defense titles. Upgrades can be bought using cash saved up between levels. Also the cash you finished with from the previous level carries over to the next so it's in your interest to spend as little as possible each time.

I've also got to mention the awesome synthy-organ-baroque-but-modern style music which I thought was fab. It usually plays when the military leader chap is talking to you about the next mission.

All in all I was very impressed so far. It's not a finished game yet but you can pre-order for 50% off here and the free demo can be downloaded here. (thanks to RPS where I spotted this)

Also, here's a video:

PS: I didn't mean it about Basingstoke


  1. Exciting stuff, liked it a lot.
    It seems to have a great future.
    Cam we have some more.

  2. Hey Dips - what would you like more of? Info on Revenge of the Titans? More news on other games? More of my excellent wit? *ahem*

  3. I can confirm that that does, indeed, look fab. I think I'll grab the demo, like. T!

  4. I'm totally digging the art style. My aweful resource management led me to ruination when the first boss monster showed up :(.