Thursday, 27 May 2010

Looking forward to: Puzzle Quest 2

Curse those people at Infinite Interactive for not planning to release this on PC at the same time as the DS. Wait, I have a DS...but BAH!

For those that have never heard of Puzzle Quest, well it's basically an RPG adventure but the battles are played out on a match-3 (think zookeeper, bejeweled, etc..) type grid. It's highly addictive and seriously bad for your social life...if you have one. I recently started playing it again hence my newly found interest in the sequel.

As the previous one was eventually released on PC many months after the console releases (grr) I would expect the same to happen with the sequel. Anyway, here's a lovely trailer from GT to get you started - the original can be purchased on steam for some of your mortal money. I believe Jon reviewed the original a while ago...

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