Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mac = PC!

With steam recently gracing the desktops of Apple machines everywhere, I've started to re-ponder this question again. Although it's been discussed at length by others before surely they've never been more similar than they are right now?

From a movement mostly driven by indie game creators, many games available on the PC are also available on Mac's. Nearly every games portal has dedicated mac areas like Direct2Drive and GamersGate. Steam however have taken this a step further where they've decree'd: Buy a game and (if it's supported on both platforms) get it for mac AND pc.

For me, who owns both, this is marvellous news. Scanning through my steam library on my mac I can see several games I can now have installed on both machines. I've not done any experiementing with having both active at the same time yet (presumably this is impossible?)

The problem I've now created for myself is - should PC Games and Reviews cover mac stuff? Is that far too removed from the Microsoft Windows Opperating System to be considered a PC? Everything else is identical as it shares with the PC the best control method for an FPS (there is no argument for this so don't even start!) And probably the best control method for casual gaming (is the iPhone better for this yet?)

With the work I'm doing redesigning the site I can't help but think I should have a mac section. Most games I review have a mac build available after all.

Something to think about, but while we do lets not forget that Portal is free for a week! Woot!


  1. No don't do it Andy! Mac != PC. Robert Webb told me.

  2. Don't worry - this site won't be called mac-games-and-reviews...yet...

    I just think it'll be nice to mention which games are also on mac...maybe?