Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More Site thoughts...

I'm a bit delayed in writing a review this week - mainly because of a control issue with the game I'd spent some time with. So I've switched games and will probably have something by the end of the week.

So in the meantime I'm still very much looking at upgrading the site to use nice community features from the Joomla web engine thing. I've been testing it out on the hardware the site runs on and it's nice and speedy so far, which was something I suffered from on a previous host & wordpress blog.

Obviously the other issue is that I don't have masses of time to spend on building a new layout using Joomla so I'm looking into templates and extendabiluty from 3rd parties. Currently I'm very keen on using GameBox & GamePoint from Jooforge (click the link for their demo site.) Obviously this is built around a site for all systems but I've started to contact them to see if I can adapt the template to fit my own needs.

The upshot of all this is that it makes writing and releasing reviews far less of a headache for me and also allows me to grant quick access to anyone else who feels like contributing. Joomla itself also deals with banners for advertising and account management and all sorts of other things that would take me months to write in my spare time.

So at the moment this is the current plan. I'm going to do a couple more reviews the old fashioned way but then will probably aquire the template and redesign the whole site!

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