Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sail the Seven Seas: Ship Simulator Extremes!

You can say quite a lot about the games that Paradox Interactive publish, they range from fairly poor (fort zombie) to pretty good (Elven Legacy/East India Company) but one thing you can also say is that their range is extremely diverse!

Ship simulator Extreme is an example of their willingness to publish titles that I would imagine other big names ignoring completely in favour of war-time-fps concepts. Basically this game is going give you control over many different types and models of ships and allow you to sail them anywhere in the world...or at least plenty of famous places by the looks of things. Here's a short video they released exactly a year ago:

That's nearly all the information available at the moment, apart from a few new screenshots that have recently been released:

Will it be any good? No idea at the moment and it's probably not something I'll be eagerly waiting for. On the
other hand I can see this possibly being as popular as RailWorks if they can get to the right audience.

For more info, check out the latest press release here

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