Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sword of the Stars 2

A game I'm very much looking forward to this year (or the beginning of next year) is Kerberos's Sword of the Stars 2.

The first game has become something of an obsession between my friends and I. In fact this started much earlier with games like Master Of Orion and it's excellent sequel as well as games like Homeworld and it's even better add-on Cataclysm. In fact Kerberos is made up of ex-employees of Barking Dog Studios who made Cataclysm so it's no surprise that they went on to create their own 4x strategy series.

Sword of the Stars has been a bit of a hit, though possibly not reaching headlines like big FPS games it has an amazing following mainly because Kerberos show a lot of support having supplied many an update as well as 4 expansions.

So when I first explained to my group of 4x playing friends that it was coming out in only a few months (up to a year) they started asking me all kinds of specific questions which, being a games reviewer I should really have known the answer to! So here is what I know so far:

The sequels full name is: Sword of the Stars 2 - The Lords of Winter. It's going to feature all 6 races from the first game and will add a new race called the Suul'Ka who are a mystical race and have, in the past, tampered with the Liir, Zuul and other races. The game will reveal a dark secret that ran through the previous game...ominous!

But for the real fans of the series I reckon the most exciting news bits are to do with the gameplay rather than the story. There's a new class of ship called the Leviathan and new levels of ship detail such as subsystems. Additionally the tech tree now starts with Fusion and will move past the Anti-Matter level cap of the previous game. Oh, and there's a new graphics engine which is always a good thing in a sequel ;)

So there we go, I hope I'm allowed to post the concept art that I have done but I'm sure I'll be told off in good time if not!

If you're a fan of any space strategy games and you've not already played sword of the stars, the complete collection will be out any time soon on GamersGate so look out for it!

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  1. I'm one of the addicts from the Kerberos forums, and I was googling for new info when I came across this post. Thank you for expressing your love for this game. More people need to! :)

    -- Glacialis / Chris Brinkley