Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Are you working the Graveyard Shift?

On my search for some great free games for this week's "theme" there's absolutely no avoiding one of the world's best flash game developers: Nitrome.

I've covered several of their games before here like droplets, flashcat, powerup amongst others (just check the tags.) Now this graveyard shift is nothing like the one I reviewed a few months ago (which was a sim type game thing about building a cemetery) but it actually a side scrolling duck-shoot game, but they've added that magic ingredient that makes any game great: Zombies!

Not only do you shoot them however, they'll shoot back! And you'll need to make use of your shield to defend yourself against their attacks by pressing space. It all gets a bit frantic by then!

Then they start throwing other stuff in the mix, like making sure that "maidens" safely get to their towers by killing any zombies that are nearby. Then they start giving you alternative weapons like a sword that lasts for several swipes and, my favourite so far, grenades!

Everyone loves zombies...uhm, sort of...and Nitrome have created yet another great online game that, as with all their others, has that little bit extra that shows why they're masters of their craft.

Enjoy Graveyard shift here!

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