Saturday, 21 August 2010

Beat the commute! Cities In Motion

As I pick through some of the press releases for Gamescon I came upon one for Paradox Interactive's "Cities In Motion" transport simulation game.

I'm an absolutely huge fan of transport sim games (that are actually fun naturally) so this kind of game really appeals to me, especially when the words "Campaign Mode" flash before my eyes.

Not too clear on all the gameplay points yet but the aim appears to be arranging the most effective public transport system possible. From the screenshots I'm not sure there's any road or track building but I'd be surprised if there wasn't. I really appreciate the visual style however, that impossibly clean-cut look but kind-of-realistic (I need a thesaurus) style.

I used to love Transport Tycoon and Railroads and even the bit of A-Train that I played years ago so this feels right up my street.

Check out this promo video:

Unfortunately there's no specific release date yet, just "early 2011" - but I'll be keeping my eye on this one for sure. You can keep upto date with their twitter feed:

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