Monday, 23 August 2010

A change and a week of free games!

I decided to change the blog layout, as it had my old banner on there and I was getting really fed up of that, and the old template never quite worked (gaps in the outlines and stuff)

So I've gone for one of the basic google themes for now and one of their preset backgrounds, but when I get my act together I'll have a background that will be common between the site and the blog to connect them as a single entity, powered to take over the PC Gaming World! Muhahaha...

I wonder if I'm the only person who involuntarily laughs maniacally more often as they get older?...

Anyway, apart from that I now declare this week to be "Aren't free games great?" week on the blog where I shall be telling you about at least one great and of course, free game every day. Honestly there are some great ones that you may not have played but should have! And absolutely no "trial" or "demo" versions, I'm not going to cheat!

Prepare youselves...


  1. Maniacal laughing : yes, it's only you that does that. Looking forward to them free games, by George!

  2. Was that the wrong word? Blogger needs to include a thesaurus!

  3. Which word? No, they all looked fine to me. Apart from "muhahaha" which, weirdly, isn't in the dictionary.

  4. Maniacal was the word I thought you were saying was wrong. I thought perhaps I was describing handcuffs or something...