Sunday, 15 August 2010

Feeling Peckish? Tasty Planet!

I've been kindly told about the imminent release of Dingo Games' Eat-em-up title: Tasty Planet.

If you've played something like "The Wonderful End of The World" then the concept should be well known to you already. Otherwise, imagine a very tiny organism eating smaller organisms, then growing a little so they can eat bigger organisms, then a bit more so they can eat tiny insects and so on and so on until they can eat cars and people and small buildings...

The challenge in these games is avoiding harmful and larger objects than yourself and in the case of Tasty Planet also appears to be avoiding bad guys with laser cannons!

Personally I think anything is vastly improved with the introduction of laser cannons.

Dingo Games had this to say about their game in the press release sent out:
Comic strips throughout the game tell the story of the two scientists who
accidentally create the grey goo. Made out of nanotechnology, the grey goo has the
ability to consume anything smaller than itself. The goo starts traveling through
time after it eats the scientists' newly created time machine.
So yeah sounds good and looks good too from the screenshots. Perhaps I'll be given a copy to review? *hint hint* Anyway, you can Visit Their Site and then watch this video, or watch the video first, I don't mind!

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