Friday, 13 August 2010

Feeling Tactical? Victoria 2 is released today!

Victoria 2 takes us on a well thought out trip back to the 1800's where war was still very much in fashion around europe.

But beware! This is not a game for those of us with small attention spans, myself included. I found it pretty tough going to get into this as I do with any game of this nature.

First of all I was a bit stumped as to the whole purpose of the game. After all on starting a new game each player had their provinces setup and a whole country to manage and worry about, so as a born pacafist I was thinking "And?..." I'm still not convinced I understand the attraction but I think it's along the lines of "What would I have done back then?"

It doesn't do itself many favours in making itself inaccessible to gamers who are new to this specific genre of strategy titles. The tutorials are incredibly wordy and it's quite small text but after what felt like hours reading through this I got the idea. Basically it's a micromanager's dream game, in that nearly everything is controllable and configurable. It very much reminded me of Civilsation, but on a much more detailed scale and with a preset world.

With that said, like Rise Of Prussia that I looked at a while ago, I can understand there's a market for such a game and for strategy fans who want a (very) high level of control over their virtual peeps then this is going to be fantastic.

Also it looks pretty damn good as far as the map and units go and if it had been a bit more simple and accessible I could have seen myself getting into it.

Anyway, Victoria 2 is released today! And there's a free demo too (in the Gamersgate info page...)

Get Victoria 2 from GamersGate

The Victoria 2 page on PC Games And Reviews

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