Thursday, 12 August 2010

Good Form Old Boy! - Astroslugs

I recently received a rather charming email from Alex over at Muich based studio: Bitbarons, telling me about their upcoming title: Astroslugs.

In it he compares playing Astroslugs to buying furniture from Ikea, which was a novel concept, and promised that playing Astroslugs would be much more fun that putting a swedish kitchen unit together. I have to admit that I think he's right!

Astroslugs is a spacial awareness kind of puzzler where you have to fit in "forms" into a grid of shapes without any overlap or....Oh blimey, I didn't initially understand the game from his email. especially when he started talking about Polyominos, and I'm doing even worse at explaining the concept. If I were you I'd watch the video below as it explains it far better:

Looks pretty interesting to me anyway, I'll certainly be giving it a go when it's released and speaking my mind as usual. In the meantime you can always visit their site, which still needs some work but I'm sure will be opperational soon!

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