Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

[EDIT: New version is in the works here: http://www.pc-games-and-reviews.com/index.php although clicking on the Home button will take you back to the old site]

After many weeks of inactivity I've started to wind back up!

I got married just over a week ago (w00p) and now find I have room in my head time to do other things! Specifically blogging and reviewing once more, whey!

If you've emailed me and I've not replied (I've tried to reply to everyone!) Sorry 'bout that, I didn't mean not to get back to you but things have just been hectic. I'm now ready to get back into the swing of things!

However I now need to change how I do things. I don't mind spending several hours playing and writing reviews, after all that's what I loved about this project. However I do oppose having to spend over two hours releasing each review (putting the HTML together, preparing different screenshot sizes, updating all my databases and all the final checks) which could be better spent playing more games!

So I'm going to be moving to a completely new site layout within the next few days. I was going to wait until the back end/template I plan to use were developed a little more but I'm getting itchy to get back into this and any further delay will probably mean I give up completely!

Therefore if the site looks really odd over the next few days, that will be why!

Finally thanks to everyone who kept asking about the site and why I wasn't updating. I'm not sure if you were pestering me for fun or if you were genuinely concerned, but it's spurred me on to have another go at it!

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