Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hold on to your Privates!

Sometimes these blog post titles are just inspried eh? In this case I'm writing about the new Zombie Cow game that I've actually had the chance to play through now and it's all about...Sex.

You take control of Sarge and his squaddies and travel to the deepest darkest depths of someone's...well, their arse basically amongst other places.

A really great point about Privates however is that it's aboslutely 100% free, no adverts or nuffin' and I believe that's probably thanks to it being hosted on the E4 website (for non-UK visitors that's an offshoot of our 4th TV station) so well done Zombie Cow on a big partnership there as well as an awesome game.

As always, here's a trailer to tell you more (forget that it says "coming soon" because it's already available!)

Awesome. check out the official Privates Site, and here's the PCGAR page with extra screenies and info.

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