Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I've been playing: Interstellar Marines (Running Man)

Just over a month ago Zero Point Software released the next playable version of their planned game, Interstellar Marines. This part is called "Running Man" and is similar to their previous release (Bullseye) as you are still in the training facility however this time you've got plenty more freedom than before.

The game takes you through a series of areas that you must defend from robot attackers. They don't shoot but you don't want to let them get too close! It's quite a claustrophobic game in that sense and I'm not sure I've enjoyed it as much as I did Bullseye. There's a bit more story than before which is a good thing, I enjoyed some of the in-between section talky bits and the voice acting is good. I guess it's not that much of a surprise after hearing they acquired the voice actress of Shodan (from System Shock 2).

The environments are clean-cut and easy to navigate, if a little samey. But I guess it is supposed to be a training exercise after all. The weapon you're given is the same as before but without all the upgrades you may have earned from before (eg, accuracy, clip-size, etc...)

Something else I really missed this time round was the achievements and almost rpg type elements that were in their previous release. They really kept me glued to Bullseye while the Running Man only felt new for a few play throughs and I didn't really have much incentive to play again. Except maybe to hear the music in the loading screen again...

What Running Man does show though is that Zero Point are still relentlessly headed towards their target of a full blown game...after a few more of these kind of releases first though.

It's definitely worth a blast (as you can play for free anyway) so go take a peek here!

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