Monday, 9 August 2010


During my brief two month (eep) absence I still managed to find some time to discover new titles in the works and this one I came upon by accident. I was looking for some musical inspiration and thought I would re-listen to some of Laura Shigihara's works.

For those who don't know, Larua Shigihara wrote the quite iconic music to last years tower defense classic, Plants Vs Zombies, and hearing her play those pieces "live" on her piano is great fun.

However also in her youtube channel was a video for a game called "Melolune", a J-RPG styled game that she had designed and written music for last years Independent Game Foundation competition. Music is often the highlight of top down RPGs for me and after the intro video I was definitely up for having a go and it's pretty good!

I was intrigued to find out how music was used, as the title seems to indicate that melody is of high importance. There are nice sections of the game where placing a "melolune" on a pedestal will start off a part of a song (when I say part I mean, like drums or piano.) Placing further melolunes add more parts until you have a larger timbre (ooh fancy words) to the piece that is currently playing. Nice touch.

However I believe it's not yet finished and therefore I decided not to play too much just in case I wouldn't be able to transfer any saved games across to the final version. However it's worth having a go just for the first few levels.

You can get the demo by clicking this link...

And here's the intro video:

(Also you can read from Laura's blog that the 2nd of August save the date was in fact for the XBLA release of PvZ...hmmm....)

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