Saturday, 28 August 2010

Monsters in your backyard? Backyard Monsters!

There is a lie approaching. See if you can spot it.
  • Backyard monsters is a facebook game by the creators of The Space Game.
  • In Backyard Monsters you harvest resources and build towers to defend your backyard.
  • You can also breed monsters to attack other's backyards.
  • I am not addicted to Backyard Monsters.
Did you spot it? That's correct after many months of making fun of my wife for playing games like Cafe-World or Farmville I have now succumbed to a facebook game myself.

Like I said however, these are the guys who wrote TSG so I don't feel too bad! And it is part tower-defense too so that makes me feel better about it.

Plus my wife has also started playing this and unknown to her I'm amassing a huge army of monsters to strike at her backyard the moment the "player protection" timer wears off...muhahahaha!

Anyway, as before this is a great free game which is played in total real-time eg; you'll be leaving it for hours while your resources build up. When you return you'll have plenty of pebbles and twigs to bank (banking is one of my favourite aspects of the game for some reason!)

Let's be clear though, there's a sense that this is one of those "free" free games, the kind that keeps reminding you that it would be better if you spent a bit of cash in the form of their in-game currency "shiny". Shiny can be bought for...well quite a lot of real money and there's an unwritten promise hanging there that you could have you backyard finished in minutes rather than days if you buy loads of this.

It's quite a common tactic in "free" games these days and something that the big MMORPG titles are starting to do. Unfortunately it makes me feel paranoid that I might click on something by accident that starts spending my hard earned spondoolies without me being aware of it.

So it's a fun enough game, but I'll only ever be playing for free!

Backyard monsters is a Casual Collective game, so click here to find it at the Casual Collective page.

*** Don't forget to check out my subsequent post on Backyard Monsters where I talk about how I defended my backyard from various attackers and prepared for my own attacks! ***


  1. Yeah, my backyard is a monster killing machine! This would make a great stand alone game tbh, if it had more of a structure, something I'd probably buy too!

  2. I want a game that is similar to it. I love these sorts of games but the massive time limits they put on things late on really does my head in.

    Is there a similar game out there like this?

  3. The late time limits are a pain, that's for sure. Would be great to see a proper single player version of this yeah.

    Not seen anything similar but if I ever do I shall let you know!

  4. Try Baldies. PC version is available free for Win95, PS2 version is about $20. Your houses build to level 5 in minutes instead of hours, and you spend most of the game inventing ways to kill off the other teams creatively. I have been addicted to it since '95.