Thursday, 5 August 2010

Plants Vs Zombies...special edition?

Well I thought I'd be relaunching the blog with a bang - a PVZ2 bang! But no, it's a bit more "meh" than I'd hoped.

A few weeks ago we were all told "Hey guys, look forward to the 2nd of August!" in some kind of announcement that featured a severed zombie hand.

Actually, I say this but I can't even remember the different sites I read this on now, and I might even have the date wrong and something else may be announced any second now but...

What was announced on the 30th of July was the Plants Vs Zombies Special Edition - well very nice yes it comes with extra achievements (um) and a zombie creation tool (not tried this so I'm not sure if these zombies can appear in-game but I'm guessing they can) - but it's a far cry from a sequel.

The other obvious change is the "Michael Jackson" disco-zombie that has been recently changed, apparently because the MJ estate complained about it's likeness. I wonder if this may have more to do with the release of a special edition than anything else.

Even worse though is that XBOX users soon get Plants Vs Zombies! Well that's not bad in itself but they also get some kind of multi player (or so I've read in various places) and this certainly isn't advertised in the "Special Edition" features.

Perhaps there will still be an announcement soon for PVZ2 but after this I feel that's unlikely. On the other hand if you've still somehow not played this excellent game you should really at least try the free online version at the popcap site!

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